Xana is a live loop musician, sound designer, interaction designer and poet
who often works collaboratively with other artists, researchers, theatre
practitioners and filmmakers. Xana is passionate about working with young people;
devising creative workshops; and encouraging the engagement of others with improvisational
sonic experiences.

Xana plans to develop other projects that explore archives as a place of active
memory through stories around transhumanism/biotechnology. This period of development
has lead to their current thread of research into how sound plays a role in architecture
and algorithmic data cultures and its impact on local communities.

Xanas past works include sound design for the ancestors came directed by Cecile Emeke
commissioned for the Soul of a Nation: Art in the age of Black Power exhibition at Tate Modern,
a sound piece at Sound Acts Festival in Greece, entitled “Nothing to hide,” a sound installation
titled “De/personalisation” in group exhibition The Other'd Artists at Transmissions Gallery Scotland
and sound designing for Half-breed which was shown at Soho Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe and recently finished touring in India.

Xana is one of the co-organisers of Afrotech Fest (afrotechfest.co.uk), is artist-in-residence at the
Tate Schools Workshop Programme and is a guest artist on the upcoming Seed Ensemble album released on Jazz Refreshed.
They are also building a moving radio station installation called "I would like to report a disturbance" for Radar
based in Loughborough University and an installation/performance entitled "Things Are Better Now" with Spitalfields Music.
Get in touch: I do not respond to requests for unpaid work/labour for exposure or experience.