I am a interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of tech and the arts. I focus on interrogating the next evolution of queerness within futurism, movement in tech, narratives of migration, trauma/depression and archives as the basis for redefining the voice of the other'd.

I compose music using live-looping with beatboxing, vocal harmonising, instrumentation, archived recordings and using field recordings from Peckham High Street to sounds of space (electromagnetic vibrations) collected by NASA. I intertwine all of this with poetry and improvisational interactive stories. I started live-looping as a way to understand the feeling of being fractured, anxious and challenged and how you find ways to piece yourself together, worried about what fits.

I collaborate with theatre makers and companies as a sound designer exploring ways to break down sound and make it more accessible to all theatregoers.

I am particularly dedicated to working within emerging digital technologies and I am apart of the Blackhack.it collective which uses existing platforms to create tools that better serve underrepresented communities, building representative accessible digital platforms in tech.

Over the past year I have been looking at how data would not exist without people. Particularly how data is transforming our lives, by the way it is collected and valued and how the interpretation of that data is crucial to the future of marginalised people. I am creating my first installations based on themes of depersonalisation, missing data sets, profiling, machine learning and human-computer fusion.

I also offer commissions and workshops to small community groups and artists to help them manage and build up their own online platforms (with HTML, CSS, CMS, Raspberry Pi and custom Wordpress)


Guest Artist // SEED Ensemble DRIFTGLASS at Total Refreshment Centre London, England
// 18th August 2017
Workshop // Decolonise Fest at Diy Space for London, England
// 19th August 2017
Sound Designer // Aunty Camdens People Theatre and Company Three London, England
// 22- 25th August 2017
Guest Artist // SEED Ensemble DRIFTGLASS at Total Refreshment Centre London, England
// 15th September 2017
Featured Artist // Suckerpunch Suite (BASQUIAT) at the Barbian London
// 29 - 30 September 2017

Illustration Credit by Meenzus